Thank You!

Mr. Fitzmaurice for welcoming me to the Nord Anglia Education headquarters in Hong Kong and taking the time from your schedule to share insight with our students.  

Ms. Doyle for being so supportive and helping me coordinate my interviews in Hong Kong with Nord Anglia Education and the Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong.  I cannot thank you enough for the warm welcome and gift you gave me.

Mr. Steve Wozniak for believing in the site and taking the time to give us the best interview with your candid insight.  You are such an inspiration to millions of students like me.

Mrs Davies without your inspiration, encouragement and support, my crazy dream of having a website that empowers students  to help other students, would never have become a reality.  You gave me strength and confidence when I needed it the most and I can never thank you enough. 

Mrs Dunn for all your confidence and support in the site and all your help with the content editing.

Dr Williams and Dr Marcy for trusting me and believing in my idea and allowing it to become a reality. 

Mrs Lyng for helping us get the community service word out.

Mrs Bynum for helping us with camera equipment and using your room for photos.

Mr Carrau for helping me design and make my website a reality and bearing with all my million changes.

My parents for helping me pay for my expensive dream and supporting me in so many ways.

My friends for their encouragement and support.  

I want to thank all the mentors, interviewers and video editors:

Grant, Valentina, Nana, Casey, Alex, Keanu, Sean, Sanobar, Josefine, Cristian, Patrick, Sajan, Delaney, Skylar, Skylar, Andrew, Devon, Shanthi, Rebecca, and Shailee

Special thanks to:

Ms Van der Meulen for asking me to 'go further'.

Avina Harry for letting Skylar and Shanthi interview you during Thanksgiving break.

Asha Parikh for sorting the teacher lists for me.