About Reach a Student

Objective: To provide WPS students the ability to access and share positive insight on any school related matter.

Jay Khemchandani - President of Reach A Student

As the President of Reach A Student, I enjoy seeing how our community unites to help one another.  The original idea was conceived in 2015 when me and my sister Sarina were on a long family road trip. Knowing how much I benefited from having her as a mentor, it was clear that she felt that 'stewardship' was something she wished she had.  She recognized this to be a recurring issue for so many others: some students had extra guidance from either parents or older siblings while others did not.  Sarina sought to minimize this disadvantage by creating a program rooted to help ease this flaw and provide support that is often an unvoiced need for many students. 

The idea of the site was unfortunately not well received by our parents who felt such an endeavor would distract from an already full schedule of education and after-school activities, so Sarina sought the advice of Mrs. Mary Beth Davies, the Director of the WPS Middle School. 

Mrs Davies really connected with the spirit of the idea and encouraged her to pursue it. Her confidence in the program was inspiring and helped her focus on making Reach A Student a reality. Mrs. Davies has been so inspiring to both me and Sarina and to so many fortunate to have had her lead us through our formative middle school years. We simply cannot thank her enough for all she has done for so many students at Windermere Preparatory School. Each time a new milestone was reached with the website design, she was there to guide and support its development. Mrs. Davies felt the idea would have a positive impact on the school and arranged for us to meet with WPS Headmaster Dr Marcy and subsequently Dr Williams, the Director of High School. Both Dr Marcy and Dr Williams were equally supportive of our objective to provide all students the ability to access and share positive insight on any school related matter. 

Jay Khemchandani
President Reach A Student 2019 - 2023