About Reach a Student

Objective: To provide WPS students the ability to access and share positive insight on any school related matter.

Sarina - Founder of Reach A Student

Reach A Student is the brainchild of Windermere Prep 9th Grader Sarina Khemchandani. The idea was conceived the summer of 2014 entirely while touring New Zealand on summer vacation. As her family drove around and between the lush landscape of rolling hills and many communities, Sarina pondered what school life would be like if her family relocated to this wonderful land. As they drove past schools and watch students walking to school, she realized that any such move would require a wealth of knowledge that only her peers could provide and a tool for such communication vitally important. It did not take long for Sarina to recognize the benefit of such a tool in her own school back home in Florida.

The idea of the site was unfortunately not well received by her parents who felt such an endeavor would distract their daughter from an already full schedule of education and after-school activities and Sarina sought the advice of Mrs MaryBeth Davies, the Director of the WPS Middle School.

"Mrs Davies immediately connected with the spirit of the idea and encouraged me to pursue it. Her confidence in me and my idea was what I needed to focus on making Reach A Student a reality, and I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me at school. Each time, I reached a new milestone with my website design, she was there to guide and support me. Mrs Davies felt the idea would have a positive impact on the school and arranged for me to meet with WPS Headmaster Dr Marcy and subsequently Dr Williams, the Director of High School. Both Dr Marcy and Dr Williams were equally supportive of my objective to provide all WPS students the ability to access and share positive insight on any school related matter."

Sarina K.
- Reach A Student Founder